Abandoned Church. New Mexico.

Taken in Taiban, New Mexico
October 22, 2011

The last light of the day falls on an abandoned church in New Mexico.

Abandoned Church New Mexico
Abandoned Church New Mexico

Driving along some road in New Mexico — during my cross-country adventure — I noticed light falling in an appealing way on an old abandoned building. I wasn’t in picture taking mode, but I’m always scanning for interesting lighting and compositions in the off chance I see something I like.

I wasn’t sure if this building was worth turning around for. And I thought about it for another mile or so before I convinced myself that I should turn around and go back. I don’t see that many abandoned buildings I like — especially when the lighting is “just so”.

I pulled into the dusty lot and took a few snapshots with my Canon Powershot. I left my “good” camera in its bag — which I am kicking myself for now.

Anyway, it turns out this abandoned Presbyterian church is kind of famous and has been photographed quite a bit. I had no idea. It was just a chance encounter.

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